Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#287: Not giving up

It's been almost a week since I posted on this blog and these last few days I've wanted to give it up.
However, I promised myself in January I would do this for the entire year. I've not always published on every single day, but I have mostly had the same number of blessings as the day of the year.

Holocaust Eva Kor on her visit to Boise said, Don't ever give up. When you give up, nothing happens.

I understand that sticking with a blog is quite different from sticking with surviving a concentration camp, but I believe what she said, that nothing happens when we give up, no matter what it is we give up on. Although if I gave up and stopped writing now, something would happen:

  • I'd feel guilty
  • I'd beat myself up for another thing I quit
  • I'd teach myself that when things get hard or I get behind, it's okay to just quit
  • A little bit of energy in the back of my head would always be devoted to "why didn't I just push through?"
  • It would always bother me I didn't finish
Thus I conclude: an imperfect job finished is better than a perfect unfinished job.

Or as Brene Brown said in one of her workshops, Perfectionists don't write books.  Because they don't start books. Because their idea isn't good enough. Or because they missed writing a few days. Or because their book would never be on the NYT Bestseller list. 

I don't need my "book" to be published, I just need to finish it.

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