Sunday, October 11, 2015

#279: The good going on behind the scenes

I have the honor of serving on a local grants committee. Every September I get to hear about roughly 10 projects going on in Southern Idaho.

The good work that people are doing right in front of me is astounding!  Listening to these ministries for two hours this morning ended a funk/pity party/anger attack that has been going on since Tuesday. There are community gardens, Boys and Girls Clubs, music ministries, schools serving the underprivileged, programs trying to help correct the causes of homelessness. There are lots of different people working together to help all people in the community.

And what is really super cool about that is that I have been praying all week to be relieved of this anger I've been feeling, or at least to be shown why I've been so angry and ungrateful so I can do something about it. I didn't expect that it would take all week to have my prayer answered, but it was a really good lesson: sometimes we have to wait on God. My goal while I wait is just to not spew on too many people in the meantime!

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