Saturday, October 24, 2015

#290: My students

Nine weeks into the school year I am beginning to settle into life at my new job. What I have discovered about myself and my students:
  • I am really an 8th grade girl at heart. Let me just say I wouldn't go back to junior high for all the money in the world, but so much of my personality makes sense around junior high-ers.
  • They appreciate the really simple, fun things in life, such as "color of the day".
  • They notice when today's "Number of the Day" is the same as yesterday's.
  • They read about the Mathematician of the Day only to see when he/she died.
  • They are super literal--my people.
  • They do not understand sarcasm. Not only does this force me to not use it, but often I don't get it either.
  • They sing along to the same music I like when I play it in the morning.
  • I love that many of us live in the same neighborhood. One day I encountered a skunk smell on my ride to school and got to discuss it with the students who also ride their bikes from my part of town.
  • They really want to learn.
  • They make awesome designs with their goldfish.
  • They are willing to play whatever corny game I come up with, and usually make it way better.
  • They don't mind that I mess up a lot.
  • Every day they let me start over.
  • They always forgive.
I love them. I love teaching them.

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