Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#295: Greatest Video Store. Ever.

My aunt and I decided to rent some classic movies since neither one of us have people that will watch those with us. She took me to the greatest video rental store I have ever seen!!!

Thank you to Premiere Video in Dallas for an amazing experience! There were two FULL aisles of Classic movies. One entire wall is foreign films; every country seems to be represented. Serbian movies? Got 'em.

We ended up with two greats:  Stella Dallas starring Barbara Stanwyk, which is great if you want a new way to refer to people who dress garishly; also if you want to cry; also if you love fabulous movies. Our other choice was Mr. Skeffington with Bette Davis. Need I say more?

 If you are in Dallas, I urge you to go to this store, just to roam around in awe at the selection.

It. Is. Amazing.

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