Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#294: Reunions

One day I noticed that my cousin posted something on Facebook about her church. Then I noticed that a friend from [what I thought was] high school, Michael, had commented on my cousin's post. 

I had no idea they knew each other. Turns out, my friend is the priest at the Episcopal church my cousins attend!

Thus a reunion was in order on this particular trip to Texas. One of my family members met me at church on Sunday and I got to see my friend, now Father Michael, from long ago. 

As it turns out, we didn't know each other in high school like I'd thought; I was one of the youth group leaders for our church when he was in the youth group.

Not only did I get to reunite with my family this weekend, but connect with someone from the past. And hear a fabulous sermon from the associate pastor at the church. And get to spend some extra time with the cousin that met me at church.

We always get just what we need, don't we?

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