Friday, October 30, 2015

#297: Scrabble



  • Brings families together (Scrabble World Championships every holiday in Dallas between myself and Aunt Debbie)
  • Learn new words!
  • Learn to follow rules
  • Learn to live with changing rules when other players make up new ones in the middle of the game
  • Begin to think of words in points: "That Zig Zag on that picture is pink. That's 10+1+3, or is G worth 4?..."
  • Learn to add quickly!
  • Train yourself to always look first for the Triple Letter in all you do (Triple points at Starbucks?)
  • Scrabble parties!
  • Goes great with wine!
  • Can pull families apart [read: Aunt Debbie not talking to me because I beat her for first time in years]
  • You may start counting words
  • You may start having long pauses in conversations as you calculate the points in the words you are going to use
  • People may stop playing games with you because they are afraid they will never beat you
  • May cause fatigue after all-night tournaments in Dallas with Aunt [see above] accompanied by serial episodes of The Tudors and classic movies.
  • People may stop coming to your parties because you only want to play Scrabble

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