Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#286: E.T.

I'm just leaving the Egyptian Theater in downtown Boise where I watched E.T. on the big screen for the first time since it was released in 1982. That's 33 years ago!

First,  I remember it being scary. Not only was it a scary, but I was terrified at the scene when their house gets wrapped in plastic and NASA people start chasing them around their house. I had bad dreams for a week, & I was always on the lookout for two skinny fingers to reach over the bed. This wasn't scary at all! In fact it was really a happy feel good movie.

Second, it was touching! I didn't remember that Elliot and ET felt the same emotions. This was my favorite part of the movie. It makes me wonder, is that how love works?  Do we feel what those we love feel? And  (spoiler alert) when the brain wave and emotion of the two separated, I thought that he was giving his life for Elliot. Which makes me cry even writing this now.

My friend looked at me toward the end and laughed, and said, you're crying? I told her I had been crying for the entire second half of the movie.

Finally, this movie reminded me of what is really important in life. I love that kids are the main characters in this movie, because kids inherently know what's most important. We grown ups tend to get wrapped up in figuring things out, to want to dissect things or so busy trying to be responsible that we don't see the good and the love and the possibilities  that are right in front of us.

Finally, finally, seeing E.T. again gave me new perspective on my students. Instead of seeing them as part of my job that I  have to deal with, I see them tonight as kids who are fascinated by the world around them and curious and loving who can teach me and love me so much if I let them.

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