Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blessing #47 of 2015: The best Valentine's Day EVER!!!

I didn't get any cards, candy or flowers, but this was the absolutely best Valentine's Day of my life! 

I've fallen in love with myself!!!!  Who knew?!?!  I just found out this weekend!  Details:
  • The best part first:   I felt like I belonged in the city I grew up in.  I've never felt like that before in my life, not in Austin.  I always felt awkward, uncomfortable and self-conscious there, no matter where I went.  I wasn't granola enough to fit in downtown; yuppy enough to fit in in Westlake, rich enough to fit in downtown or pretty enough to fit in with any men. 
All that is gone now!  I finally figured out that the only person judging me was ME.  A habit which has apparently ceased, because on this visit all of that old ick was gone.  G. O. N. E. Gone.  It's like I finally graduated from high school on an emotional level.  Just 22 years late.
 More evidence of the best Valentine's Day EVER:
  • I got to stay with the people who probably love me the most of anybody
  • I was nice to the people who love me the most of anybody
  • The idiosyncrasies in said people that used to, at every occurrence, used to drive me crazy, DID NOT BOTHER ME AT ALL!  Not one bit.  Did not hit the radar.
  • I got to go to a UT basketball game with my dad.
  • I got to go shopping with my mom
  • I got a lot of great clothes on said shopping trip
  • I got to fly over the Grand Canyon
  • I got to kiss my brother and tell him, "I love you"
  • I ate at a vegetarian restaurant allergen-free!
  • I made a new friend (sandals man)
  • I saw some old friends
  • I saw some new friends
  • I ran into an unexpected friend from high school
  • I didn't watch one single episode of Gilmore Girls, and I didn't even think about it
  •  I got some schoolwork done on the plane today
  • I was comfortable in my own skin the entire weekend
  • I didn't lie to anyone, manipulate anyone, or hide anything from anyone 
  • I didn't feel ashamed of myself once
  • I didn't feel self-conscious at all
  • I experienced all three Austin seasons: winter, spring and fall
  • I ran a 2 hour (ish) half marathon
  • I got to have breakfast today with a friend

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