Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blessing #59 of 2015: The Super Connected

Today was "Come to the Banquet" at my church.  We have a made-from-scratch meal, table service and music for anyone who wants a free meal in downtown Boise.  It is really the highlight of my month.  We sit down and eat with our guests--it's totally awesome.

One of my favorite parts is seeing one of the priests at my church.  I've told him that if/when I get remarried I want him to marry us.  He's that awesome.

This morning I told him I've been having a knock-down-drag-out with God.  When I told him God's winning, he laughed from his belly at me, which totally made my day!  Then I told him that I think I have this God problem where I think God is supposed to make me feel good and that this line of thinking is not working.

He paused.  I waited.  He said, "Perhaps you should flip that around.  Maybe you are supposed to make God feel good?"  I'm still knawing on that one, but that's not all. 

There was another pause.  He said, "Or maybe you don't love yourself enough to see that you make God happy."  How did he know?

I'm so grateful for those people who are so connected to God you can feel it when you're around them.  They often seem to have a sixth sense about the people they know.  This man is so loving and compassionate and kind and just being around him makes me want to be those things, too.

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