Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day #33: I've been single for 2 years!

Source: http://studiomothers.com/2013/02/22/meme-of-the-week-2/
Two years ago yesterday, my last relationship ended.  I have been single for 2 years.  TWO YEARS.  About 6 months ago I realized I had not been single since I started dating my ex-husband in 1997.

Since then I have
  • felt crazy lonely
  • felt crazy happy
  • felt despair
  • been afraid to go home because I was terrified to be alone
  • felt incredible joy sitting alone in my house
  • had my insides scraped out & healed by God
  • been to Eastern Europe by myself
  • been to Ireland by myself
  • navigated from Heathrow to Central run in Hyde Park in London!
  • London and back all by myself
  • seen the Hungarian Parliament building at night in Budapest
  • lost self-consciousness
  • discovered I'm pretty funny
  • cried a lot.  A. LOT.
  • run my fastest marathon ever!
  • started a Masters degree
  • dressed up [as Miss Piggy] for Halloween for the first time since I was a kid
  • found confidence as a teacher
  • had flowers delivered from an known source
  • learned how to be a friend
  • lost people
  • found people
  • stopped using people
  • started appreciating myself
  • found confidence as a person
  • learned how to drive up to Bogus in the snow all by myself
  • learned how to grill
  • am learning how to stand up for myself
  • read Anna Karenina!  ALL of it!
  • painted my back room
  • took 2 carloads of stuff to the Youth Ranch
  • found out I don't need to be afraid 
  • found out other people can be trusted
  • found out other people are not out to get me
  • learned to enjoy my own company 
  • learned my opinion counts
  • learned my life matters
  • learned that I matter
  • found out I am worth loving.

Hungarian Parliament

Me in Budapest (Parliament in the background)

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  1. You are fantastically awesome, my friend!!