Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blessing #31 for 2015: Forbearance!!

noun formal
noun: forbearance
    the action of refraining from exercising a legal right, especially enforcing the payment of a debt.

About a month ago this message appeared on my student loan account:

Apparently when I signed up for this in June, the seemingly insignificant detail that if one is out of school for more than 6 months then one's student loan comes due, actually does apply to me.  Apparently I am NOT an exception in this case.

My idea was to ignore it and hope it goes away.  However, it kept hanging out in the back of my mind.  This week I brought it to the front of my mind, which really just meant that at the end of each day I would say to myself, I was supposed to call them about my loan today. Oh, well!  

So I finally called on Friday, armed with exasperation and venom, neither of which were needed.  I simply explained to the guy that I had screwed myself by not fully understanding what I was doing when I signed up and asked if there was anything to be done about this.  He asked a few questions, took about 2 minutes to figure out a plan, then POOF!  I have a forebearance so my payments will not come due in 14 as warned.  He told me what to do when I go back to school this summer.

Then it was over.  All because I asked.

It reminded me a lot of grace, probably because that's what it was (a good book I'm reading on it is called What's So Amazing About Grace).  Apparently God is in the business of dispensing grace, and in my case yesterday it was via the Department of Educaiton.

There must  be a God.

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