Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blessing #55 of 2015: Morning phone calls

I was having a rough morning on the way to work today, and I called a good friend.  She answered the phone!!  I am always amazed at the help available to me from others when I am willing to ask for it.

She listened, she empathized, she understood.  Most important, she made me laugh! 

I heard someone say that we can't laugh about stuff that hasn't been healed yet. Laughing with my girlfriend this morning reminded me of how painful life was just a couple of years ago.  Nothing was funny.  NO-thing.  Everything hurt.  It hurt to breath.  It hurt to eat.  It hurt to smile.  Other people's happinesses hurt.  I couldn't laugh at anything; everything made me cry.

Slowly I started to laugh.  The first real gut-laugh I remember is on a run with another runner friend.  We passed a con-crew picking up trash in orange jump suits.  She looked at them, looked at me, then said, "Don't even think about it."  I laughed so hard I couldn't keep running.  I knew I was healing!

And now today, during even the most difficult times, laughter comes through.  Again, I know I'm healing!

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