Monday, February 9, 2015

Blessing for Day #39: Immersion Blenders!

Once upon a time I got inspired to learn to cook.  My tools were a set of Calphalon and a set of knives that were wedding presents (used almost exclusively by my ex-husband), a bowl given to me by a friend, and cookie sheets and random utensils confiscated from my parents' lake house when they sold it. 

After a while, I got into soups.  But the creamy ones like Martha Stewart's butternut squash soup require pureeing, which I was only able to do in my blender.  Blenders, however, leak and each soup ended in a pool of yellow soup all over the counter and in the gear of the machine.

Then my mother ended the butternut squash messy counter business with a gift certificate to Sur la Table.  Hurrah!

Looky looky what I can make now, all sans mess (not counting when I pull the blender out of the soup too soon and splatter myself with soup!).

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