Thursday, March 4, 2021

#63 My quaint apartment

The "Big 5". I only saw 4 (Leopard, I'm coming back for you!)
 Yes, yes. This IS in almost direct contrast with my post from two days ago.  

Same Joy, same apartment. 

After I awoke I was shocked at how nice everything looked. 

Here's what's changed:

1. I washed the dishes

2. I cleaned the rugs

3. I scrubbed the sinks and counters

4. I had the girls over for Wolt Wednesday and they filled my house with love

5. The recycling is out

6. I made a gratitude list (see yesterday's post)

7. I hung up my tapestry from Tanzania that I love

8. I slept 7 hours last night

Basically, I got into action and got busy caring for and tending to the things that are mine to do.

Put another way, the only thing that really me. 

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