Sunday, March 14, 2021

#72 The first outing with the other newbies (only 7 months late)!

 I spent today with a small group of lovely people--we all started working at our school this year but have not been able to get together in person because of "The Corona". In a normal year the new people generally spend the first week in the new country sightseeing, taking tours of the campus, getting acquainted with each other and setting up things like visas and bank accounts.

Today we did our very first "sightseeing" adventure--a wine tasting about 45 minutes north of school. I almost didn't go because I don't drink, but that part was really minimal. We basically drove around beautiful, colorful fields and stopped to drink a sip of wine every now and then.

Then we had a delicious lunch and made a stop at a cute little town called Zichron Ya'akov on our way back. 

I'm so glad I went! Although I'm super tired and still need to do work tonight, it was totally worth it! Not only did I get to know a few people better, I met three people I hadn't really remembered meeting before. 

It's beginning to feel like I am living overseas again!

Our main transport of the day.
With Lynne (also from Dallas)

Don't swim here or you will look like this creepy guy!

The lunch table with Jill

The cute pedestrian street in the little town of Zichron Ya'akov.

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