Saturday, March 13, 2021

#68 Feeling like my old self at work

 Back to school Day 3! 

I felt like teacher today! My first class had students all over the room and outside and it was exhilarating to flutter around [read: WALK] answering questions, writing on WHITE BOARD instead of squinting at a paper held up to the camera in a little rectangle of my computer. I could tell just by reading body language when a student was lost and kids asked me questions that were not interacting at all on Zoom.

During class students were all around the room and outside in the courtyard with rolling whiteboards. There was so much learning--they worked together, they talked and argued over math and they learned! After class the room looked like a math bomb had gone off--papers, markers, pencils on the floor, equations on the white boards and windows and the desks askew. 

It was wonderful!!!!!

What my students looked like after class today!
What my students looked like after class today!

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