Monday, March 22, 2021

#80 Spring break officially begins

Today is the first official day of spring break. I am not travelling for the first time since moving abroad and I definitely have been experiencing the "spring break blues". These blues appears the first few years of teaching when I didn't have anything to do over spring break. It's a fear of being the only one who doesn't have anything "cool" or fun to do over the break. 

Then one year, my friend Lorien told me, "Joy, people who have something to do over spring break make plans". That was news to me and SUPER helpful! I tried it the next few years and always called Lorien on the Friday of spring break to report back.

Since moving abroad I have always easily had plans for spring break, travel being the big draw for living overseas--even last year at the beginning of Covid. This year, however, I am not travelling and do not have any plans for the almost two weeks off.

Thus when my friend Madeline suggested all of us go out for happy hour after school on Monday (our last day), that little voice of fear quieted down. Although the plan morphed a bit, I got to go out the first night of spring break--and not only that, I met some new people, too!

Thank you, Madeline!

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