Saturday, March 27, 2021

#84 My Coronavirus Roommate

 One year ago today I Abu Dhabi announced a 24 hour lockdown. I had been teaching in my apartment for the week and the thought of staying there for 48 hours solid brought me to tears.

So I called Kelli hiccup crying. She lives in a two bedroom, three bath ground floor apartment in a lovely development in Abu Dhabi. Kelli didn't hesitate. Pack your stuff and come over here right now

I never spent another night in that apartment. We had the best time during lockdown! Her husband was in America for the entire time (less one night) I stayed there. We made dinner, went scuba diving and went to the grocery store a LOT. I miss living with her so much but I am forever and ever grateful for her hospitality and friendship.

Thank you, Kelli!!

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