Friday, March 5, 2021

#64 1980's Towel Forts

 I am suddenly filled with delight! I was just watching the The Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon and Amy build a fort. This one:

Which reminded me of one of my favorite episodes of Community, the Pillows and Blankets War. Here's an overview of the war. [by the way, the first 4 seasons of Community are the funniest show I have ever watched--I highly recommend it!  It was the show of choice for my coronavirus lockdown roommate, Kelli.

Then Sheldon and Amy rated forts from history. In the show their for won of course, but not to me.

The fort that wins is mine!  My best friend growing up, Amy, and I used to build a fort out of two big inner tubes propped up on one side by deck chairs and the other side by a bar/shelf that came out of the wall. The walls, of course were made of towels. It was small but quaint. One time I think we had a TV set up inside while we ate snacks. This was in the early 80's so there are definitely no pictures to share.

Therefore today I am super grateful for the joy that springs from happy memories and blanket forts!

This was back in the early 1980's so we didn't have the need to document every single thing. But here's a look at the two of us (and my brother, who was NOT invited into the fort). Guess which one is me?  Also note Tom Cruise on the wall behind me.

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