Sunday, March 28, 2021

#86 A Visit to the Forest of the Martyrs

Since I didn't travel over spring break I have decided that my purpose during this vacation is to rest, spend time with myself, rest some more, exercise and spend time with myself. 

Yesterday's adventure was a quick outing to The Forest of the Martyrs. There was almost no one out, which I assume is because tonight is the beginning of Passover, a huge holiday here. I think everyone was getting ready for the seder tonight.

The forest was created in 1951 when 6 million trees were planted in honor of the Jews murdered in the Holocaust. There were two memorials I visited--the Scroll of Fire, Martyr's Cave and the Anne Frank Memorial. Both are moving and beautiful and help us to remember the unforgettable.

I just saw in the news that the Idaho Anne Frank Memorial in Boise (my hometown) was defaced in December--I can't believe how people behave. It is unimaginable to me the hate people can harbor for their fellow humans.  Anyways, the Idaho memorial was completed in 2002 by Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, a non-profit organized by former priest Bill Wassmuth who was disturbed by "the misuse of theology for hateful aims". Idaho has a history of housing some people with racist and prejudice views and this memorial is one way to combat hate.

As I learn more about Israel and Judaism I find more and more evidence that God has me here on purpose. The fact that there is an Anne Frank Memorial in Idaho to encourage people to think about human rights is just another "coincidence" in the mystery of my presence in Israel. 

I am so grateful that people take the time to remember. 

The Scroll of Fire

The Jerusalem Hills

I hiked up to the top of a ridge above the Anne Frank Memorial.

The Martyr's Cave

The Anne Frank Memorial

A memorial found at the site of the cave and the Anne Frank Memorial

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