Saturday, March 6, 2021

#64 My first museum outing as a resident of Tel Aviv

 Today I got to go to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art - my first museum visit since moving to Israel! My friend Olivia (who was also my tour guide around Jaffa) and her husband Yoad met me there. 

I love museums because I leave feeling amazed by the creativity and talent and inspired by the hard work and focus required to produce such amazing creations.

My new, lovely friends Oliva and Yoad (photo by Olivia)

I am so culturally malnourished that I would go to any museum at this point, but I especially wanted to see the Jeff Koons exhibit that is visiting until April. I have heard his name but not really seen his work--it was amazing. This one, called "Balloon Dog", is the one I have seen before by him. This is made of steel!

Yes, it is an inflatable

This one is made of wood.

We squeezed in a few more exhibits before we stumbled upon an exhibit by Alexander Calder. I know I've seen a painting of his or two before. You may recognize a few...

But these are not what I found amazing. He did fascinating works with wires. There were quite a few mobiles.
But here's what I discovered about the American Alexander Calder that blew me away. He sculpted amazing creations out of WIRE! Check out all of his wire sculptures here. So today as I am grateful for my own outing to the museum, I am also grateful that there are artists on Earth that give in to their compulsion to create. 

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  1. Art saves me. Glad you were able to visit.