Monday, February 8, 2021

#39 Watching the Super Bowl on the TV Box

I got to watch the Super Bowl! 

Although late, I still got to watch every play--and it only took 2 hours. I spent the day on the couch incredibly tired, which I assume is because of the 2nd dose of the vaccine I received yesterday. A huge nap from noon-3:30 didn't help too much so I turned to my TV Box (my name for it) to find something to watch.

My friends Kelli and Ben in Abu Dhabi had this mysterious box where they could watch live TV from all over the world. It's a service called IPTV (which stands for what I don't know). It is awesome! I can watch lots of American channels (Law & Order on USA is one of my favorites) but the UK channels have lots of stuff, too. 

The magic box

The Super Bowl was on at 1:30 a.m. here in Israel but when my alarm went off to watch it, I involuntarily turned it off and slept fitfully until 8 (again, I think a reaction to the vaccine). On my handy TV Box, which gets a gazillion channels from all over the world, I found Sky NFL (really the NFL Channel) that was just about to play the Super Bowl! Nothing makes me feel better when I'm sick than football on the couch.

Pick your country

UK channels get the best reception and has lots of choices.

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