Sunday, February 14, 2021

#45 Sunday at Taninim Stream Nature Reserve

Taninim in Hebrew means crocodile--but I didn't see any of those today on our outing to Taninim Stream Nature Reserve. Four of us (two from Tel Aviv, 2 from Poleg by school) met there at 9 a.m. this morning and had a lovely morning exploring this site. I got to use my brand new Israel Matmon Annual Pass that gets 2 people into each of the over 40 national parks once per year. It was triple lovely because the first day of the work week here is Sunday but it is the second day of our weekend!

This site is where the Taninim Stream flows into the Mediterranean, which is "the last remnant of the region's coastal waterways". It also has a Roman-Byzantine dam that was used to channel water to nearby Caesarea. It was a great combination of history and a lovely walk out to the coast for a beautiful view of the Mediterranean.

The one thing I intensely disliked was the trash. There was SO MUCH garbage. SO much. There is so much beauty here (not just in this park, but in Israel) but so much garbage. It's like there is a little cloud from all that trash that blocks some of the sunshine of all these beautiful places.

Despite the trash, however, it was a lovely, lovey way to spend a Sunday morning!


My friend Lynn :)

A lovely view, except the rubbish in the stream.

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