Saturday, February 13, 2021

#44 Wasting a Saturday!

 Angie, the science teacher on my same team (Blue Wave) at North Junior High taught me about "wasting Saturdays". One Monday when discussing our weekends I reported that I had sat around all day doing nothing but watching football in my pajamas. 

She replied, "I love wasting Saturdays!"

Today I wasted a Saturday! It wasn't a PJ's-and-Netflix sort of day, but a wasted Saturday nonetheless. I slept in until 9:30 then lingered until a gym class at 10:30. The weather was so gorgeous I had to stay outside. I stopped for an almond milk latte then asked my friend Jessie (also from Abu Dhabi) out for a walk. The sunshine felt amazing! 

After a quick lunch break at home I ran (literally--it was a run day) back to Habina Square, listened to some music then ran back home, and now I've been sitting on the couch watching The Big Bang Theory for hours.

I'm so grateful I took a break from work and they never-ending "To Do" list to "waste a Saturday"!

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