Friday, February 12, 2021

#43 Live music after work on a Friday

It's Friday! Although most of Israel began their weekend last night, at our school we go Monday to Friday. So after class three of us went down to Habima Square to watch one friend's boyfriend play with some friends. The weather was gorgeous! Seventy degrees and clear skies. 

Since the most severe lockdown restrictions started to lift this past Sunday people have been going out! We are allowed farther than 1 km from home for any reason now; therefore people are everywhere. It felt absolutely wonderful to have somewhere to go after work on Friday other than the same walk through the park and port I do most every day. Afterwards Jo and I went to Susu and Sons for a burger which we ate on a bench, since restaurants are only open for takeaway currently (which is a step up from delivery only we had since December).

We rode our bikes to the square

Habina Square

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