Tuesday, February 2, 2021

#33 Visits

 I remember Nana, my grandmother, used to always talk about friends "visiting". Friends would stop over for an hour or two, maybe have a Dr. Pepper and Mint Milano cookies and "visit".  Aunt Jean used to visit; Nana and I would visit Aunt Jean, we all visited Grandma--it definitely was an old people family thing in my life. But in the last day I've had two visits (three if you count going over to Jessie's on Saturday)!

My new-to-me car needs a resident parking sticker for Tel Aviv. The application is online but is in Hebrew and Google Translate is only mostly helpful. So I did something new...I asked a new friend for help. I met Anita back when we we free at a small gathering--she speaks fluent Hebrew and I asked if she and I could meet up so I could complete the parking application. She popped over last night, helped me with two Hebrew forms and stayed for a little visit. Can I also say I'm super grateful to live within a half kilometer of 5 very lovely ladies I work with? The visiting and popping over is super easy when everyone is so close.

The second "visit" was while I was running through the park this afternoon. All of a sudden a woman on a bike was smiling up at me from her bike. It was woman I met in the gym named Shackar in person a few times way back when we were free and now see in online gym sessions all the time. She is super nice--she even looks out for me during gym classes. We are in a lot of Zoom classes together--I'd say at least 3 or 4 a week. One time I got frustrated in a Zoom class because a trainer didn't explain well enough and he didn't notice that I was lost and Shackar got his attention and told him I needed the instructions in English. 

So there in Hayarkon Park I stopped running and we had a quick visit. I'm sure she has no idea how much it meant to me that she took the time to say hi. I know somebody in Tel Aviv! It's like being in Boise and running into somebody I know from Bogus Basin at Java--a lovely sense of belonging. Delightful!

P.S. She recognized me by my pink hair!


The left one was my attempt at a picture of the back of my head; the right one doesn't look as pink but was take by some nice guy sitting at the bus stop near my house when I got home.

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