Tuesday, February 16, 2021

#47 My best friend

Continuing with the mail theme of the last week, I'd like you to meet Shelby, for whom I am especially grateful today!  In the mail Sunday was a Christmas present from her that she made just for me and mailed over here. It was in perfect condition!

Shelby is my best friend. We have stuck with each other through the good at the bad, the difficult the fun, trans-Atlantic trips, one move to the UAE, another move to Israel, cries in the middle of the night (from several countries and many states, though mostly Texas). Shelby is who I called when I was hit by a car in Boise and she sat with me in the waiting room and stayed with me all day. She is and has been a constant companion who helps me ground, listens to me vent, rage, cry, yell and work things out. 

I am so grateful for you, Shelby! I love you!

Thanks to technology we can talk face to face and it feels like she's just next door.

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