Monday, March 30, 2015

#88: First Mow

I actually mowed today!  I learned last year that if you wait until May to mow because you've been putting it off then it takes 17 times as long as a month earlier because the grass is so tall and every time you push the mower forward it almost dies and you have to lift it up to get it unclogged then the bag fills ups super fast and you have to unload it and then you run out of gas more quickly and have to walk down to the M & W to refill then you see something shiny to eat while you're there and decide to take a break from mowing and cook chicken salad to take for lunch then you don't mow the front yard for two more weeks which repeats the whole process.

Nope, didn't do that this time.  With the exception of the front yard.  It's not done.

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