Monday, March 9, 2015

Blessing #67 for 2015: Borrowing other people's God

I had coffee with a friend today.  She has such a beautiful, strong connection to God that I can feel it when I'm with her.

What strikes me the most about her is that she is genuinely interested in other people's good.  For example, a man walked by and almost tripped and my friend was concerned he would fall.  Her attention went completely to him from me as he tripped by.  Later a pregnant woman walked by and my friend commented on how beautiful she was.  My friend doesn't have any children of her own and loves being around children.

That last one is what kills me.  I find that I waste lots of energy being mad at God for what I don't have and resentful at people who do have those things.  Until recently I couldn't stand to be around people who had anything that I felt I'd been deprived of because it hurt so much.

Then, as I am writing this tonight, I have PBS on in the background, (watching a great show on Italian Americans, by the way) and this comes on:

Here is another woman who has lost something she'd been given, and though she hurts, she still wants to be around kids and make them happy.  She is not running away from her pain but using it as fuel for constructive action.  (Here's the link to the Muddy Puddles website)

I'm borrowing the god of these two women!  Whatever power they've found I could use a little of lately!

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