Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blessing #62: My changed attitude

Yesterday at work was...rough?  I didn't sleep very much on Sunday night and I had my annual formal evaluation then, too [yes, I chose that, I know!].  Let me just say that I was not in the running for teacher of the year based on how school went yesterday.

But last night I took A to B Calm (Magnesium supplement)  and went to bed really early--and slept!  No lying there for 2 hours wondering why I'm not asleep; no getting angrier and angrier as the minutes ticked on; no exhaustion the next day. 

I also asked God to run my day before I started today. 

What a different day!  I was full of patience and kindness toward my students.  Class after class was awesome!  I can't believe what a difference my perspective makes.  I apologized to two classes for being so cranky on Monday, and one kid said, "I knew it!"  This made me laugh.

Today I could see the good in my students.  I saw kids who are uncomfortable and insecure about their mathematical ability; who want to please me and feel successful in school; who want approval.

And this made all the difference.

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