Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blessing #69: Belonging

I had a committee meeting tonight that was SO FUN!  How good it feels to sit in a room with people I love, laughing together while we plan something good for our community.  How good it feels to ride there with a friend both ways and to be able to talk unselfconsciously the whole trip!

When I joined, it took me 2 years to feel comfortable around these people.  I almost quit I felt so much like an outsider.

Then one meeting, a woman on the committee, "Hello, Joy," when I walked in.

I was hooked!  My anxiety about staying or going vanished and I stayed.  Slowly but surely I overcame my anxiety, got comfortable with these people and comfy in my own skin around them.

And now I have a room full of friends that I get to see and laugh with once a week for part of the year!

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