Sunday, March 29, 2015

#87: Friends that get you AND tell you the truth

Today I met with some friends and shared how I've been feeling lately.  What I thought I was saying was something like this: It is hard going through this being single business where I am learning to make God be my God rather than men, food, looking good, not being alone, not feeling bad, not feeling anxious, or eternally trying to figure out what about me I need to change

Afterwards a friend told me, essentially that I have a perception problem, there is nothing wrong with me or my life.  My perception of my life is the "glass-is-half-empty" version;  that I do amazing and good things, ie. lack of doing things are not my problem; that God does not work the way I think He does, and trying to make it so is causing most of my dis-easiness; and that I have been spinning my wheels lately and not getting anywhere because I'm not addressing the real problem, which is my perception that life is not giving me my fair share and that God has forgotten me.

Oh, I'm so grateful for these words!  I felt momentarily "caught", like I'd been found out, but it was quickly replaced with a sense of relief that washed through entire body.  She put words to exactly what I have been feeling lately.  It was a direct hit. 

And it was because she had the guts to tell me the truth as she saw it.  She changed my life today!  Thank goodness for those friends who are willing to tell us the truth, even if it might not be entirely palatable.

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