Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blessing #83 of 2015: ACTUALLY doing work!

I went to Java today and actually did work.  This is not the only amazing part:
  • I went to the Hyde Park store instead of downtown.  It was a debate. 
  • I stayed there for 3 hours doing work
  • I was wearing jeans, a hat and drinking tea- while I did school work!
  • I didn't feel rushed or cramped for time
  • Because I wasn't rushed, my brain was working better with planning than it has in months!  I wrote some lessons down and then, since it was 46 seconds before class starts, I went back to them an hour later and edited them!
  • I ENJOYED IT!!  I haven't enjoyed doing schoolwork perhaps all school year.  I had no idea that sitting down and actually doing the work could feel so good!
  • Apparently, taking care of oneself is one of the keys to feeling happy that I have just now stumbled upon!  I left there feeling invigorated and motivated to not eat cereal for lunch (which I did), to not stay up late watching Gilmore Girls (which I did) and to go on a run this afternoon (which I did; I'm batting 300, not so bad).

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