Saturday, March 21, 2015

Blessing #79 for 2015: Plans on the 1st day of Spring Break

The first two years of teaching when spring break came around I lamented for days about not having anything to do after school on Friday.  Oh, the pity party was big and festive, I'm sure you all got an invitation.

I felt left out and persecuted by and resentful of all the people in the world who were out and about enjoying their lives after they left work at noon because they are busy and important and have bikes to ride and slopes to ski and hills to run.  Woe is me, how come nobody wants to hang out with me?

Then a friend told me that the reason people have something to do the Friday of spring break is because they make plans.


This goes on the [long] list of things that seem obvious in retrospect but that I would never figure out unless someone told me.  It's right up there with "don't drink and you won't get drunk" and "if you want your hair to look finished, you have to finish it completely." 

So I made plans.  I had fun.  I ate sweet potato fries.  No pity parties, just a mediocre movie with a great friend, food and conversation.

Happy Spring Break!

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