Sunday, May 10, 2015

#128: Luke Wade!

At the prompting of a friend in Texas to go see her cousin on his tour through Boise, I went last night to listen to Luke Wade at the Neurolux in Boise.  I debated.  I'd never heard of this guy before;  the only thing I knew was that he'd been on The Voice.  But I told my friend I would go, so I rounded up two friends (who were equally skeptical) and we met downtown.

We were all happily surprised!  Luke Wade was wonderful!  He performed  his own songs and creative covers of familiar ones.  At one interval he was adorable; at another sexy; then romantic and sweet.

After the show we talked with him for a second, dispensing loads on unsolicited recommendations on ways to enjoy Boise.  He endured galliantly and took a picture with us.

Listen to this guy--I find his music real and genuine and delightful.

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