Monday, May 11, 2015

#130: News flash: I am not the exception

A friend told me once that if I'm the problem, then there's a solution. That's what today is about:  I'm the problem.

Just like Alex explains to Gigi in He's Just Not That Into You, I've thought I was the exception.  About many things, but in particular about food.  I was a stick growing up, so I could eat whatever I wanted seemingly without consequences.  For as long as I can remember I've loved sweets, and a steady diet of Dr. Pepper and Swiss Cake Rolls supplied me with all the energy I needed.

And then. I hit 30.

Long story short, here I am almost 40, not very happy with the way my clothes fit and finally willing to admit defeat.  I have put on weight not because:
  • I exercise a lot.  I used this one as an excuse forever!  A running book I read 10 years ago promised that if I started running marathons I would NOT lose weight if I didn't change my diet.  I didn't listen.
  • I am allergic to twenty seven things.  I did slim down a bit after I eliminated those things from my diet, but I have replaced the calories within a very short time span.  
  • I live in the desert.
  • I have a thyroid disease.  My doctor just confirmed my thyroid is fine.
  • I have a stomach condition that makes me keep weight on.
  • I have make-me-hungry implant from aliens that forces me to eat sugar.
  • I have a mental condition that prevents me from making good food choices and therefore cannot change my behavior.
  • I do not yet crave good-for-me food.  When I get healthy enough, I will!  Then, look out!  I'm gonna look like Jennifer Aniston!
  • I don't exercise enough.  Obviously.  I need to do two-a-days and then my pants will feel right.
Today I discovered just WHY I feel like I waddle in certain jeans:  with my one chicken taco I had one entire bag of chips.  Sadly, this isn't actually out of the ordinary (Just Friday I ate all the dried pineapples in the bag at the movies.  That can't count!  It's fruit!).

Today, however, I looked at the caloric count and logged my food day: 753 calories!!! And it was the small big bag, not the jumbo bag!!

Thus began a trip to reality for Joy.

I'm grateful to report I don't have a tumor or a thyroid disease or need to work out more, I just need to stop eating entire bags of chips at one sitting.  At least, let's start there!

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