Monday, May 18, 2015

#137: Brene Brown [again], this time on On Being

On Being is a radio show on NPR about meaning and spirituality.  A friend heard Brene Brown on it a few months ago, and I just got around to listening to it today.  It's awesome!  It was just what I needed to hear.  Brene's topic hasn't changed, but she talks about different subjects since the setting is not a Ted Talk or a conference.

Today what I heard that changed my attitude [an adjustment was necessary again today] was the discussion about parenting.  Hearing these two women talk about the fear and vulnerability and love that comes with being a parent touched my heart regarding my own parents.  How difficult it must be to raise a child and send her out into the world, not sure if you've equipped her properly for the life ahead!  Instead of the resentment I used to feel towards them growing up (you ruined my life!), now I just feel compassion.

Anyways, Brene Brown continues to help me transform my life.  Listen to her yourself and see if she can help you!  Here's the link to the episode of On Being.

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