Thursday, May 7, 2015

Blessing #126: Paying it forward

Tonight I called a friend and worked out a problem with her.  She knows me very well and is super honest.  For example, she laughs at me when I start whining and says, "poor, poor, Joy."  It stings when she says it but underneath I know that if I live through the pain of looking at myself, without fighting or running away, something in me heals.  There was quite a bit of stinging tonight as I swallowed some chunks of truth about myself that are not pleasant to look upon.

I was crying when I hung up the phone, but it was a good crying.  My grandmother used to say that tears wash our souls.  About fifteen minutes later a friend called me to help her work out a problem.  In the midst of listening to her, I was relieved of my own problems and went to bed feeling exhausted but hopeful.

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