Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Blessing #146: Quick recovery!

Today is Tuesday.  This will come in handy in a second.

Saturday morning I went to hot yoga.  All was well.  Then I went again on Sunday afternoon.  It was pretty hard, I felt light headed a couple of times, but that's pretty normal during one of those classes.  I went home and felt pretty drained.  I ate a salad for dinner and started seeing sunbursts and floaters. 

A few hours later I was sitting on the bathroom floor, throwing up alone.

For the record, I did not go back to hot yoga on Monday. 

I ate well yesterday morning and for lunch, but I felt so good I got greedy for dinner.  A few chicken drumsticks and some Mexican rice later plus 2 hours later, I repeated the night before.  I was so miserable last night and I was fearful of a repeat of what happened in November.  After that incident, when I also threw up twice, I couldn't hold down food for a week.  Seven days, 11 pounds, 2 sick days and one hospital visit later I finally kept a meal down. 

Today I've been able to eat breakfast and lunch and dinner.  I didn't overdo it and ate stuff that is easily digestible (miracle #1).  Then I realized that my body is getting healthier!!!  Only 6 weeks ago throwing up did so much damage to my stomach I couldn't recover for a week...and now I've recovered in less than a day!  Woohoo!!!  Healing happens!!!

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