Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#132: Afternoon thunderstorms

Afternoon thundershowers with simultaneous sunshine!
 Good for me:
  •  I LOVE listening to the rain hit the carport 
  • I count the lightning to see how far away it is.  Yes, I'm 7 stuck in a 39 year old body.
  • We get rain but not the gloom of a rainy day.
  • The sun came out after the shower passed.
  • Something deep inside of me is nourished by the rain.  Maybe it puts me in the present moment; maybe it washes away my worries; whatever the cause, I feel more grounded and alive during a rain storm.

    (I promise those white spots are NOT my terrbile phone camera, but, in fact, rain)
Good for Idaho--we had a terrible snow year and need all the water we can get.  Thank Heaven for the rain today!  
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