Sunday, May 3, 2015

#122: Getting vulnerable

I ran into a friend today that I used to be super close to.  When I see her now, though, I feel pain.  Nobody really did anything wrong, we just stopped being able to be in relationship in a healthy way.  We talked it all over months ago and have since not been in contact.  It was hard to go from talking to her once or twice a day to not at all, but if I am really honest with myself, I knew something wasn't quite right.

This friend sat down next to me and asked me how I was doing.  We chatted like that for a few minutes, all the while my insides throbbing with pain at not having her in my life anymore.   When I didn't want to bear it anymore, I heard myself say, I'm really happy to see you, but it still hurts to be around you, and I think I'm done.  I didn't mean done forever, I just meant done for now, and she totally got it.  Brene Brown would be proud!

I was immediately proud of myself for speaking up, but as the day went on, I became proud of her, too.  It's not always easy to accept other people's vulnerabilities when laid at your feet, and she handled it so well. 

I will be forever grateful that she has been in my life.

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