Sunday, May 10, 2015

#129 for 2015: Boise Saturday market

After coffee shop talk with two girlfriends this morning, we ventured into the bowels of Saturday market, or it's official name, Capital City Public Market

Reasons why I love the Saturday Market:
  • No matter how tired, lonely, grumpy, lost, found, hurt or anything else I feel on a given Saturday morning between April and October, if I can get myself to the market, especially on a sunny, warm day, my spirits are lifted and renewed within minutes.
  • I feel like I am participating in my community.  I didn't grow up joining in things, either at school or college or even in my 20's, for that matter.  It is so fun!  I love feeling a "part of".  Participation is the key to harmony, someone once told me.
  • I buy unique Idaho gifts for my family at Christmas time.
  • I get to see friends who work there, and always I run into someone I know.  This is one of the best reasons to live in Boise--I can show up almost anywhere and not be alone for long.
  • I biked down there.  I love not using my vehicle.  It gives me such a sense of...independence?  Contributing to the world?  I'm not sure, but I get filled with such satisfaction when I do regular tasks without my car.
  • Supporting the local economy.  Need I say more?  Most of the vendors sell Idaho made, created and grown merchandise.  My money stays in Boise or in Idaho.
  • I'm pretty sure every time I go there, a little bit of my soul gets healed up!

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