Thursday, June 4, 2015

#154: Safe travel to Salt Lake

I'm on my way to Snowmass Village, CO, to run the Ragnar Relay on Friday with a stellar team of women.  Some of the team is coming from Denver and the rest of the Boise contingent left yesterday before I even got to school.  After sleeping in till 8:30 and lounging around until noon, I left today at 4 (2 p.m. Joy time) and rolled into SLC around 8:30. 

I didn't feel rushed and/or panicked about leaving, which was new and good.  I have a history or freaking out over things that don't matter at all; a category into which today's travel would fit.  I used miles for my "motel" room.  I saw a sheep and an alpaca out front of a "convenience" that had a sign on the door:  Welcome to the middle of nowhere.

I've learned so much today!  Once you get to the Wasatch Front there were many more miles to go to get to Salt Lake.  It gets dark WAY earlier in Northern Utah than it does in Boise.  It was practically dark at 9:15!!!  I've only just driven through and have not gone driving into downtown.  They really, really like solid white lines on the streets--and I have no idea how to drive them!  I think I'm in a lane, but suddenly I'm hitting a curb.  The downtown area is lovely and clean (in sharp contrast to the trash and graffiti I've seen in Utah public spaces).  It must be relatively safe--I saw a couple people out running at 9:30, one a woman alone.  Oh, and Chick-fil-A's waffle fries are gluten free!!


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