Thursday, June 25, 2015

#174: The generosity of friends

The Main Light at the Isle of May
I am here in St. Andrews with friends from Boise.  They were generous enough to offer me a bed in the house they rented for the family during the week of their daughter's graduation from St. Andrews.  Because of them, I am saving some money (okay, a LOT of money) but more meaningful to me is the sense of belonging I have being here with people I know.

And I get a taste of family.  We reunited for dinner last night: myself from sightseeing and the family from graduation.  It felt like home watching the family dynamics between brothers and sisters-in-law!  No swanky hotel room could replace that!

I would not have come to Scotland at all if it weren't for my friend suggesting I join them, and because I'm here I have walked the "Old Course";  seen what was once the largest cathedral in Scotland;  stood underground in the [no longer] Scottish Secret Bunker;  been attacked by nesting birds on the Isle of May; and tomorrow I'm going to visit a castle.  Oh, and I have 4 new friends in this family now, too. 

Thank you, friends!

An attacking bird

The Cathedral of St. Andrews. What's left of it that would fit in my screen.

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