Sunday, June 7, 2015

#157: Friends who know me better than I know myself

I volunteered to do some work for the school district over the summer, which begins on Monday.  This meant that I needed to be back in Boise Sunday night.  Which meant that I needed to drive from Snowmass to Boise (11 hours according to Google maps) between Saturday at 4 and Sunday night.

If we ignore the question of the wisdom of volunteering for said work and disregard the option of skipping Monday at work, my big dilemma was when do I start driving to Boise.  Many of my teammates planned to stay in Glenwood Springs Saturday night for rest and relaxation.  In accordance with my natural tendency to pile too much on, I thought I would leave on Saturday and get a few hours of driving out of the way.  I warned (interesting choice of words!) my teammates that I may or may not stay Saturday night.

By the time our team finished, I was utterly exhausted and D. U. N. (done).  My usually sketchy decision-making abilities were virtually non-existent and I had no idea what to do.  All I could think about was leaving.  Leaving the rain, the wet, the cold and the chaos.

And so I left.  I didn't say goodbye to most of my team, I just got in my car and drove away.  I drove to Glenwood Springs and still couldn't figure out what to do.  Oblivious to my impaired state of mind, I couldn't figure out if I should stay or go.  To buy myself time, I drove past the hotel in Glenwood Springs found a gas station.  It was kinda like Cameron in Ferris Bueller's Day Off:

I began to get a little clarity: I kinda wanted to stay, but felt like an idiot for being so indecisive and rude about leaving.  I saw their vehicle parked outside the hotel.  I parked in the parking lot, got out and started walking towards the entrance.  My pride got the better of me and I turned around, got back into my car and found my phone.

I called.  I told my friend that I am an idiot and would like to please stay the night with them if they'd have me.  Without hesitation she said: you're in room 406 with Coop.  Go park behind the KFC.

I was a little disappointed in the lack of drama.

At dinner, however, I found out that this friend had told everyone else that I would say no then change my mind.  Right before she answered the phone she told everyone, "Joy's here."

How did they know?

To be known so well and loved anyways....

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