Sunday, June 14, 2015

#164 for 2015: The Enneagram

I spent today in a workshop on the Enneagram given by a woman named Suzanne Stabile, a master of this spiritual tool.  I don't really know how to explain it (even after 8 hours of listening about it), except to say that there are 9 personality types, or numbers, into which everyone falls.  The numbers are not in any priority ranking, they are just labels used to identify the different types of personalities.  It gets complicated quickly and I have yet to identify my own number but 1) I get to go back tomorrow and 2) the knowledge I have gained about myself and people in general is priceless! 

I almost didn't go to this workshop, and I'm so so so glad that I got over myself and went.  I have learned so much!  Even though I'm not sure where I fall, I heard characteristics about myself that I didn't realize are more or less universal.  I didn't know a significant portion of people, for example, have an internal critic that can be utterly paralyzing.  I just assumed I am close to mentally ill and need to do more work on myself.  (As I'm writing this, I think I'm figuring out my number!)

I wish I had had this training before I worked at the alternative school;  I think it would have enabled me to understand my students better from a more compassionate frame of mind.  Yes, I will be able to use it at my new school, but those alternative kids need an understanding adult in a bad way.

On an even more personal notes, Suzanne was born in Texas, has a thick accent, says "ya'll", calls people "Darlin'", understands the importance of the Red River Rivalry (and knows which team to root for), went to SMU like my father and a smattering of cousins, and she and her husband live in Dallas near where my family is.  Joe is an Italian former Catholic, similar to my family (though the Italian men in my family cannot sing AT all, unlike Joe!). I felt comfortable and at home and homesick by the end of the day.

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