Friday, June 12, 2015

#162: The courage to do something different

I'm tired eating bags of popcorn for dinner then feeling like crap the next day, resolving to not do it again only to eat all the leftover cookies later in the afternoon.  I'm tired of working out with no results; being lazy and making excuses for not moving around; of hearing myself say how much I want to improve my Robie time and qualify for Boston but not taking action on it.  In short, I'm really, really tired of hearing myself complain. 

So on Monday, I got brave.  I got excited that I said "no" to working this week (see post) and used that momentum to make another change, this time about my body. 

I have been watching this guy train people at the gym for years, and I met him once at Bogus Basin.  Ever since then, I've been wanting to ask him to be my trainer, but I was afraid of the changes I would have to make if it happened.  He's not really a take-excuses kind of guy (or so I told myself). 

About a month ago I'd gone to the gym fully intending to ask him but I chickened out when I got there (he doesn't smile a lot and is super focused on his clients therefore I concluded he didn't like me).  I approached him once but just stood there like an idiot as he didn't even notice me walk by.  When I left I stopped at the desk and got the card for the person in charge of personal training.  It was a small, small victory.

The card sat on my desk for a month--until Monday!

I emailed in the late morning and within the hour had a reply.  She assured me the trainer would be in touch soon, and he called at 8 that night.

We met on Tuesday, Wednesday and today.  I went in with the attitude of "I don't know anything," which is new and good for me.  I haven't tried to tell him what I know (which is nothing compared to what he knows).  He still intimidates the crap out of me, but I have become willing to change my eating habits with his support.  I feel great about my decision and so happy that I became willing to ask for help.

The excuses have ended, and I feel terrific!

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