Monday, June 8, 2015

#158: A free night in Glenwood Srpings

We may have paid zero dollars, but our room in Glenwood Springs did have a cost:
  • Un-insulated rooms between the hallway and the bathroom
  • A night without any kleenex for two women with runny noses
  • At least one BIG fight between drunk wedding party participants in the hallway outside our door
  • Approxomately 6 yelling matches between said wedding participants 
  • More or less 819 slammed doors throughout the night
  • One used glass of wine stolen from the hallway (presumably by drunk wedding attendees)
  •  7 calls to the front desk for Kleenex
  • 4 calls to the front desk about drunk wedding people
  • 1 call to police about said wedding people
  • Looking and feeling like death warmed over this morning upon awakening
 However, this is a blessing blog, so I'll end with this:  The money I would have used for the room now went to pay for my SPECTACULAR filet mignon and vegan mashed potatoes last night!

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