Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#179: A randon Euro

I joined the gym for the month here in Galway.  It's a great facility (called the KingFisher) that has a pretty good weight room, a huge pool, lots of cardio machines and classes. 

The trainer I hired right before I left wrote me workouts to do while I'm here, so yesterday I got to it.  The first exciting thing that happened is that I got a barcode card that I get to beep on the scanner when I arrive (Last year I just had a paper card that I showed to receptionist to get in).

But I took my bag and didn't have a Euro for the locker.  I left my stuff in a locker but didn't lock it, and hoped for the best.  About 10 minutes later I moved a mat and found a Euro!  WooHoo!  It presently went to secure my locker, and my anxiety diminished.

THEN....I got my Euro back when I returned the key!  So now I have a Euro to use at the gym every day.  Woohoo!

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