Sunday, June 28, 2015

#176: I found my purse!

There are so many great things that happened today, but by far the winner is that my purse was located.  Which means, of course, that I left my purse somewhere.  Specifically on the the train after I arrived in Galway.  I got to Corrib Village where we are staying, waved to my friends, dropped my stuff in my room and reached for my purse to go get food from the market.  PANIC!!  I ran back to reception who called the cab companies and the train depot for me, with no luck.

I went into the room where most of my class had gathered long enough to say hi, control some tears and ask if anyone wanted to take me back to the train station.  Our "Campus Life Director" went with me back to the station.  We were directed to the Train Supervisor's office.  When he opened the door I said, "I think I left my purse on the train from Dublin in Coach B!"  He didn't say anything.  The longer he paused the more I thought he might have it.

"Katherine Zaher?"  I cried.  I hugged him.  He had just hung up with the American Embassy in Dublin.

People are so wonderful!  And honest!

Edinburgh Castle- it doesn't get more beautiful!
Before this, I saw the Edinburgh Castle, the Crown Jewels of Scotland, and a parade in honor of Armed Forces Day in Scotland--this included a band of Highland Bagpipers in full regalia that brought tears to my eyes (this also happens to be where I learned how to NOT video on my phone.  I now have some great shots of the cobblestones in Edinburgh with distant bagpipe music in the background).  I ate a healthy salmon filet for lunch; the sun came out and was beautiful over Edinburgh; and I got to ride a train across Ireland!

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